Fees, Funding, & Payment

An excellent study programme and an access to study Cambridge English Qualifications plus a free study abroad programme in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore at the end will provide you with opportunities for your entire learning experience with Campus UK.
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Condition of tuition fee payment

Late Payment: Tuition fees are due on two days before starting term date. Late payment will be additional penalty charge of $2 per day. 

Payment Modes:  Form of  cash is accepted for amount less than $100USD. For amount exceeding $100USD, payments can be made by cheques or via bank transfer.   In case of bank transfer, the transferring party is responsible for all bank transfer charges. Any cash notes determined to be fraudulent whether by CUK team or by a bank shall be replaced by payee who made the payment.  

Partial Tuition Payment: We have no policy to accept partial tuitions fee payment yet, full tuition fee must be paid all in one but can be in different currency with the current exchange rate published by the national bank.

Withdrawal or deferral:   Student or   parents shall complete and submit the withdrawal form to Campus UK at least one week prior to the student’s last day of the term. 

Refund:     Refunds on paid tuition fees shall be applied only for full terms that are not attended. Parents or students shall complete and submit a Refund Request form to Campus UK. 

Valued Added Tax (VAT):   If VAT is mandatory for Campus UK under country taxation law and regulations, it will be charged in addition to the amounts listed above.