First Campus UK students trip

London - Manchester - Nottingham - Leicester - London

The First Campus UK Students trip

The United Kingdom is always a dream destination for everybody, London is full of attractions from many tourist around the world for their famous attraction place to cultural and many of which are free, making it a popular destination for many people. This is the first time of Campus UK students enjoy a free trip that organised by SpringBoard4Education team for 10 days after they have graduated their final programme, Cambridge English C1 Advanced. The trip started from the arrival to London, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester, and back to London. 

We'll work create the perfect itinerary that fits the focus of students trip, so they can enjoy the history of the UK, experienced a week summer course with our partner college, living with the British family, enjoying the British traditional food, playing fun game such as treasure hunting, playing sport, and making friend with other students from around the world. We also make sure our Campus UK students are entertained throughout the evening with dinner options at popular restaurant in London.

Some Highlights of our Campus UK students trips to the UK:

  • The London Eye
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Batman Castle 
  • The Science Museum
  • Nottingham City Centre
  • Tower Bridge
  • Old Trafford - The home of Manchester United Football Club
  • Football Museum
  • Nottingham Trent University
Explore the United Kingdom...
London - Essex - Hasting - Brighton - Manchester - London