Hello, my name is Kong Norrakneath, a former C2 Advance student at Campus UK. I graduated from Campus UK with a Cambridge English: Advanced certificate and I will be going to the United Kingdom with the other C2 Advance students in two months. Campus UK provides a high standard of education along with qualified teachers. If I have to recommend any school with the best standard of teaching Campus U.K. will be first in the list. For students who wish to study abroad or further their career I’d definitely recommend Campus U.K.


—  Kong Noreakneath

SpringBoard House N. 6-18, Street 574, Boeung Kak II, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 12152. 
Tel: 855.69.961861 / 855.70.961861 
E: info@campusuk.co.uk  W: www.campusuk.co.uk

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