Vision & Mission

Our Promise

Our Vision: ”To be the best standard of quality education provider in the society.”

Our Mission: To invest in the best quality services of education using knowledges, professional skills, experiences, and facilities that: STUDENTS recommend to relatives and friends, PARENTS tell to many others, PARTNERS are pleased to work with, MEMBERS are proud of.

Our Spirit: To deliver the promise through a passionate commitment to serving the highest possible education service to students, parents, and partner organisations.

Our Core Value: Our core value bases on quality of work we do with profession, friendliness, honesty, and respect.

Why do we choose Cambridge English?

Cambridge Assessment English is part of the University of Cambridge, they help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.

  • The qualifications and tests are accepted by over 20,000 organisations worldwide, and provide the English language skills to communicate and succeed in the real world.
  • More than 5.5 million people take our qualifications and tests every year.
  • We have over 2,800 exam centres in 130 countries.
  • Over 50,000 preparation centres around the world prepare learners to take our exams.
  • We’ve been providing English language assessment since 1913. ​​(Source: Cambridge English website)

Why the British Council IELTS test?

The British Council has more than 75 years’ experience teaching and testing English. They have more than 500 test locations around the world and we helped people in more than 90 countries gain English language qualifications that help them make the most of their chances in life. That’s a lot of experience, and it means that if you take an English language test with us, you can be confident that you’ll be well looked after. Campus UK is incorporated with SpringBoard4Cambodia for the British Council IELTS offer IELTS test in Cambodia.

Free study short course abroad

Students who finish level 12 successfully at Campus UK will have the opportunity to go for a short study course at one of the Universities or Colleges in United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Students will experience new learning environment as well as discover lifestyle and culture of people in those countries.

Students who join the trip with Campus UK will be able to communicate with native English speaker, and they also enjoy visiting some nice places in those countries.

The Learning Experiences​

The Campus UK Learning experience offers a stimulating academic environment, LCD projector, books and DVDs in which to prepare students for better English. The program is intensive, during which active participation is encouraged from all students. Small class sizes, organised according to level, maximize group interaction and tutor feedback.

The development of learning strategies and problem-solving skills to help students achieve the independence needed before studying in UK universities or other countries such as America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.

Classroom Organisation and Student Support

Students study in groups of a maximum of 18, and lessons include the latest online learning techniques, offering blended learning that combines through classes with online learning and guided self discovery, peer discussion and home study. This is accomplished through our excellent facilities and learning resources such as our Learning Resource Centre, IT centre and library.

There is always a native teacher available to support and help students deal with any matter whilst learning the English language in class. A programme of developing critical thinking skills, building up team work, public speaking and debating will help the student enjoy their time while studying with Campus UK.

Campus UK also has a full-time Student Affairs Officer to help with the day-to-day enquiries and to offer advice to students and parents.