Cambridge Assessment English

The world standard English language

Cambridge Assessment English helps millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.  They provide the world’s leading range of qualifications and tests for learners and teachers of English. Globally recognised by more than 20,000 leading universities, employers and governments, these research-based assessments are a mark of excellence that open doors.

Cambridge Assessment English delivers qualifications and tests in over 130 countries to over 5.5 million people every year. They offer comprehensive preparation, support materials and resources for learning and teaching English which are based on years of research and in-depth understanding of how people learn languages. Their work is supported around the world by a network of 2,800 exam centres, over 50,000 schools and tens of thousands of examiners, teachers, education experts and publishers.  Cambridge Assessment English is a division of Cambridge Assessment.

Cambridge English Qualifications

Young Learner Examinations (YLE)
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
Pre-A1 Starters 50.00USDPer Candidate
A1 Movers 50.00USDPer Candidate
A2 Flyers 60.00USDPer Candidate
Schools Examinations (for Schools)
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
A2 Key for Schools 65.00USDPer Candidate
B1 Preliminary for Schools 75.00USDPer Candidate
B2 First for Schools 100.00USDPer Candidate
General and Higher Education Examinations
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
A2 Key (KET) 65.00USDPer Candidate
B1 Preliminary (PET) 75.00USDPer Candidate
B2 First (FCE) 100.00USDPer Candidate
C1 Advanced (CAE) 110.00USDPer Candidate
C2 Proficiency (CPE) 120.00USDPer Candidate
Business English Certificate Examinations (BEC)
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
B1 Business Preliminary 75.00USDPer Candidate
B2 Business Vantage 100.00USDPer Candidate
C1 Business Higher 110.00USDPer Candidate

Cambridge English Teaching

Teaching English Qualification Examinations (TKT)
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
Teaching Knowledge Test Module 1 - Language and background to language learning and teaching (TKT M1) 70.00USDPer Candidate
Teaching Knowledge Test Module 2 - Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching (TKT M2) 70.00USDPer Candidate
Teaching Knowledge Test Module 3 - Managing the teaching and learning process (TKT M3) 70.00USDPer Candidate
Teaching Knowledge Test Content and Language Integrated Learning (TKT CLIL)70.00USDPer Candidate
Teaching Knowledge Test Young Learners (TKT YL)70.00USDPer Candidate

Linguaskill Test

Cambridge Linguaskill Test
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
Lingualskill General 70.00USDPer Candidate
Lingualskill Business 75.00USDPer Candidate

Cambridge English Placement Test

Online Cambridge English Placement Test
Exam NameFeesCurrencyRemarkInquiry
Cambridge English Placement Test 7.00USDPer Candidate